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You know I keep reading my friends' journal entries... how the hell do you people find something to post? Maybe I'm just boring, or I'm just not an open person. I don't feel the need to type out what happened everyday. Hell last Thursday we found a stray puppy and found her owner a few days ago. It was really nice watching their kid get reunited with the puppy. She loves him to death too.

Yeah ok, that's the only thing that's happened hehe. God I have no life. Anyway, I'm still working on BT, and making character sketches for "The Realm of Kaerwyn." Yeah taking our RP games and turning it into a comic. Can't wait to see how THAT turns out. On the other hand, BT has made my artistic popularity in the furry community just /boom/. I'm getting a lot of hits and commissions requests, heh, too bad I can't ever finish them in time.

Must keep working on BT, it's my pride and joy right now. Sure it's lame, old and tired, full of loopholes, but damn I'm having fun drawing out the RP. Can't wait for Kaerwyn, it should be just as much fun with the different character types. Hell I get to learn how to draw anime for one. Heh heh.. and people that enjoy reading about Lorelei in BT will LOVE how she acts in Kaerwyn, after 194 years of Raekartan abuse....

But I digress, and as such I end...

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