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Yoinked from AtmanRyu...

Altered by me ;)

1. Who was the first therian you met in the internet?

I first found the whole group AHWW back in 1995.

2. Who was the first therian you met in RL?

A guy named Blaidd that happened to go to my college.

3. When did you met him/her?

Later 1995.

4. Your first Howl?

SC Howl in 1996.

5. Your first howl in a foreign country?

Well Bowtie and I went up to Canada to meet some were friends, does that count?

6. The farthest away you've gone to meet other therians?

Uh, I'd have to say it was that Canadian trip.

7. Your first werecreature character?

"Jakkal da werewoof" I decided her name was cool so I started using it as a personal nickname. But she's a shadowshifting weredog RP character.

8. Still have that char or changed it?

She's in Kaerwyn, still got her.

9. If you changed your char - why?

Didn't change her much, changed her speech a little to make her sound cute and dumb.

10. Ever written a therian song or poem?

Poetry yes.

11. The first therian chat for you?

Eagle dot DMV. I think that was the first were irc server off Efnet. That was late 1995.

12. Your first therian forum you posted?

The long dead AHWW.

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