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Real Life Therianthropes Community

Well my husband, whom we all know and love as bowtie has recently discovered some of the excrement that's being posted as 'therianthropic' conversations on other communities and forums. And as such, he's decided it's time for him to step in and make his own therianthropy community, that he calls "Real Life Therianthropy" aka rltherianthropy. Feel free to join if you're serious about therianthropy, and you're sick of the bullshit on the other forums.

Here's some of what he's got to say about it:

"The whole point is to gather a bunch of serious therianthropes and talk about... serious therianthropy. There are way too many kids and kinda loony people talking about their idea of therianthropy (which ranges from being a weresphinx "cuz I like it, to going feral and beating up a group of people, to talking about how your were-strength waxes and wanes with the moon.) Unfortunately, none of them are receiving any insight as to what therianthropy is really about, and thus, they continue on with their own little set of beliefs."

"With this group, I hope to gather new and old people who have deep, serious interests in the subject, and hopefully, together we'll be able to open some eyes and change some minds."

"And .. since some of you know what I'm like, you know the group won't tolerate much in the way of bullshit. Hopefully this time around, that'll be a good thing."


"P.S. There is quite a bit about therianthropy on LiveJournal, and unfortunately, I don't like most of what I've seen. That's why I believe that weres *need* a serious community on LiveJournal so that others who don't understand therianthropy can learn about what it really means to be a therianthrope."

So if you're interested, JOIN!

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