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  • Wed, 23:30: Unsure if people are pissed at Apple because that PS job was a super simple example. Or because rampant feminism is fucking crazy.
  • Thu, 04:41: Man, you know it's one thing when someone rips off Kaerwyn,happened before. It's another thing entirely when they steal other people's OCs.
  • Thu, 05:00: Now the admin of that site is apparently lying to his users about this OC. This drama is so delicious.
  • Thu, 05:04: Oh the admin of the ripped off site took it down. Again. Second time he's taken it down when we found it. I took screenshots this time!
  • Thu, 05:05: This is basically the same thing as someone tracing over your artwork and posting it as their own original work without any credits.
  • Thu, 05:12: Oh, now they admitted they gave away a character to another player. Damn, that's cold. Also pretty sure that's illegal. DMCA's away!
  • Thu, 05:20: Haha, best quote on Kaerwyn right now: <Evilwall> It's a huge blow to my ego that no one is stealing my characters.
  • Thu, 05:35: <Eli> Oh hey, look at Jakkals twitter feed. I'm surprised she can afford lawyers on the "Recolored linework adoptables" budget.
  • Thu, 05:36: Hey, at least I don't have to steal to keep my stuff up and running!
  • Thu, 05:37: <Eli>Here's what we don't have:Asking our players to police other places to try & micromanage each player's lives beyond the scope of our RP
  • Thu, 05:37: Uhm, yes you do Eli. Your admin was notorious for that while he was a player here. Good luck living the lie.
  • Thu, 05:44: I hear you bro, this is very entertaining watching them dig themselves deeper with lies. https://t.co/h69f674iZI
  • Thu, 06:04: So one of those admins came on and his daddy is a lawyer. yeeaah, if his dad were a lawyer, his dad would tell him to stop that shit now
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