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  • Thu, 15:44: RT @ScienceTip: Velociraptor = Distanciraptor / Timeiraptor
  • Thu, 16:55: This is amusing. Guy makes fun of me for making money on adoptables. Find he commissions pics of himself as a babyfur pissing himself.
  • Thu, 22:35: I don't think these guys understand. When you steal shit, get caught, and find yourself under fire for it - that doesn't make you the victim
  • Thu, 23:20: I realize it's difficult what with all the lies being told over there, but if you hatemail me you might want to get your facts straight 1st
  • Thu, 23:22: But feel free to continue, because this shit is hilarious. This is about to become a glorious "Don't Do This" post later.
  • Thu, 23:46: RT @TheOnion: Sex Ed Vs. Abstinence-Only Education: A side-by-side comparison http://t.co/Tq4Jc9YMSo http://t.co/kf0wVgoDZv
  • Thu, 23:49: RT @SGulgi: It's like you think the hole is deep enough and then someone finds a shovel and a goal.
  • Fri, 01:49: RT @Ottery_FP: @Wac2313 Weeeeeell my gutter mind took that somewhere completely different
  • Fri, 05:47: Made a new chicken dish tonight with garlic and shallots. I'm really too immature to work with shallots, if you've ever seen the red ones.
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