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The WolfyGirl Pic

Just thought I'd post a rundown of the work I've done on it so far.

The face alone took 6hours. The neck took well over 4, as I didn't like the way it looked the first time around and I started over. I still need to work on the head and neck together, as she doesn't look real 'natural' as she is.

The upper arms took about 2 hours each, the lower arms took an hour each. The hands took about 2 hours each so far. All of them still need work.

The tail took 2 hours and it's not finished yet. The hair took 2 hours.

I still have to do the legs, and the touchup work on the rest of the body. Then I need to decide what clothes she's going to be wearing. It'll be something modern as you don't see many werewolves in tank tops and jean shorts anymore. But I think I might actually put some design on the shirt. Any suggestions? Color suggestions too? Also it's going to need a BG. I'm thinking of either something to my May picture, or the July picture. Leaning towards July right now.

Here's the pic thus far, it will update as I work on it, so you can watch it if you want and hit reload for a couple of days as I work on it.


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