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Don't Do This! Overdue Commission

So recently I posted on Transfur about a TF Commission Auction that I'm doing to raise money to get my poor trucky fixed. (I actually expected people to bitch that it was an advertisement, but I tried to make it so that they could see that it's an actual TF sketch, AND an advertisement, so it still fit Transfur's TOS). Here's the pic in question, to which you can see the replies yourself: http://www.transfur.com/Users/Jakkal/Submissions/20974

But no, someone, who I believe is a known troublemaker in and out of the furry/therian communities, has decided to make a comment about my commitments. Now, I take my business commitments very seriously. This is a business, afterall. And a lot of what makes Anthro artists work out is word of mouth. So no one should take no sass that ain't true.

The comment posted on Transfur:
"Still waiting on that werehyena pic from you... over a year, yo.

Just sayin.

I know times get rough, but hell... honor your commitments to those who have already bought stuff from you.

My reply: "The last time I spoke with you, we decided that neither of us could find the information about the image, because you originally asked about it back in 2003-2004 and disappeared off the face of the earth. That's quite a bit more than "a year", and if you couldn't even find proof of payment, you've got no argument. If you're going to try to start shit, at least have you shit straight."

So what's the story behind this?

Back in 2003 or 2004, someone named Crocuta emailed me about a possible commission. I only remember the name because it's the genus and species name for the spotted hyena. Yes I associate things weirdly. I do remember that he emailed me. It wasn't a picture of a 'werehyena', it was actually a three character image of someone tickling someone else with a feather on the foot. That's all I remember of it. (So I could be wrong, but that's what I remember).

I think I did the initial sketch for it, which I did that before I accepted payment back in those days. This also would have been a pencil drawing, as while I did do art on the computer, I didn't do many commissions for it, and I never did the sketches on the computer.

So here's the email exchange we had around the end of 2013:

Him: I dunno if you can find it but I commissioned you back in 04 for a werehyena/gnoll. I was wondering if you had ever finished it? I could never find your accounts again because my computer crashed and I lost my bookmarks. It's cool to see you draw again!

Jakkal: Are you Crocuta?

Him: Yup.

Jakkal: Yes, I remember that! I'm not sure what happened to that commission, as I've moved 3 times since then. I remember I tried contacting you about it but I never got a reply. I'll have to see if I can dig it up.

Him: Yeah, my accounts got hacked and disabled by my old roommate, once i got back into them, everything was deleted.

Him: (After a few days passed, this was right around Thanksgiving) any luck?

Jakkal: Sorry, I've been completely unable to find it. I've looked through all my old artwork files on the computer, and through my RL art folder. What name did you Paypal under? I remember the commission, but I can't find any emails, or payment info or anything.

Him: I'm unsure. I've switched accounts since years past.


Okay so let me explain the warning signs of all this. Random person that doesn't even use the same screen name emails me out of the blue and asks about a commission from 10 years in the past. I ask him some basic questions, to which he could not really answer. I ask them what paypal name/address they used so I could try to find it that way. He didn't even give me his RL name so I could look it up. So I couldn't find it. And it seems to me that HE couldn't find it, otherwise I think he would have shown me proof of payment if there was any payment exchange.

I checked my old email archive (My pre-gmail email address). I checked gmail (I don't think I got gmail until 2005, but I checked anyway). I checked Paypal for *every* transaction between 2003-2004. I could not find anything of this like, nothing with Crocuta on it, and nothing that was a commission (I took very, very few commissions back then).

So what I concluded from this is that there was no payment, he decided not to get the commission. Now he emails me 10 years later as if it's okay to try to shame me into doing his commission. Uh. No sir, that is not how this works. You do not get a free commission from me, if you even are this Crocuta person.

And even if he did pay, *most* artists agree that if you disappeared for ten years, your account is closed with that artist.

So, please, continue to bitch about my "commitments" so that I have more fodder to post about in my Don't Do This journal.
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