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Jakkal's Ramblings

The Equal Opportunity Offender

September 29th, 2015

My tweets @ 08:02 am


  • Mon, 16:59: Grats @NASA! https://t.co/465fgN1Ghw
  • Mon, 18:56: Talked to the guys at the auto shop. They drove the S10 three times. No noise. Can't find anything wrong with it. WTF?
  • Mon, 21:02: S10 Troubles - So, let me just post about all the problems I’ve had with it recently. For reference’s sake,... http://t.co/vA3WXwmUgm
  • Mon, 21:59: Took a video of the S10. You can see the shaking in the gearshift, it doesn't normally do that. https://t.co/2mtGPFgq2C
  • Mon, 22:02: The truck has gone back to its prior behavior where it just runs like shit again. Only seems to behave when it's at the shop.
  • Mon, 22:31: Just went back out there to mess with it. The SES light flashes now whenever I give it the gas.
  • Mon, 22:34: Going to go drop it off at the shop again.
  • Mon, 23:56: Well I got nothing done today because of all the dicking around with my truck. But I only have two days left to drive it legally.
  • Mon, 23:58: At least I got @DairyQueen out of it :(
  • Tue, 00:04: To top everything off, the salmon we bought for dinner went bad. But the nice people at @HarrisTeeter let us exchange it. Got $5 off!
  • Tue, 01:00: My leg is sore from all the shifting I did. And it wasn't even the cool werewolf kind of shifting :(
  • Tue, 02:10: <Oshay> Also, I discovered the three streps of menstruation today. A) Uterus wants baby. B) Uterus lacks baby. C) Uterus wants revenge.
  • Tue, 04:12: Ah the perfect end to our day. The internet went out. Thanks @TWC_Help
  • Tue, 04:24: Looks like others in Raleigh lost TWC internet. Here to report an outage in north Raleigh, @twc_help
  • Tue, 04:57: Yay, internet is back up.
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Date:September 30th, 2015 02:11 am (UTC)
Well hell - the video was helpful. It's running down one hole, err, running on 5 cylinders, for sure there. Next time it's acting up, stuff the camera under the hood a bit, mainly so the sound is clearer.

Let's hope the shop figures it out, I can't fix it from here regrettably.

Pouring the rest of the Sea Foam into the tank will certainly not hurt it all btw...


Jakkal's Ramblings

The Equal Opportunity Offender