Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

My tweets

  • Sat, 22:46: @Pamiiruq Hey, finally getting around to uploading all these summer commissions. Do you have an FA and/or DA account?
  • Sat, 23:05: Of course, the one time I've got the free time to upload commissions, FA is getting DDoS'd. Maybe my pics are too much for the hamster.
  • Sun, 00:36: Man, I have a ton of images that I need to upload to Transfur. I hope people don't get pissed at the sudden flood of art.
  • Sun, 04:59: TIL there are penis adoptables.
  • Sun, 06:12: So all the work I had done to the truck, total, was about $900. That's tune up, diagnostics, parts, labor, and fixing the window.
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