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  • Thu, 15:29: There's a poor kid working at our local @McDonalds that said they made him work a 12 hr shift and he had to skip class for it. Not cool
  • Thu, 15:30: Got @McDonalds last night when he was working, and he is there right now. Cut him some slack McD's! Don't make him work when he has classes!
  • Thu, 17:41: If you're thinking about switching to @projectfi, nexus 6 is on sale https://t.co/FuT9XKt2ZD
  • Thu, 19:13: RT @FurryNetwork: We're almost ready to announce our new automated key request system... Stay tuned for more info!
  • Fri, 00:14: This is our last night in this apartment! We will officially be at the new place tomorrow! God I can't wait to be out of this dump.
  • Fri, 02:21: RT @FurryNetwork: Beta Keys are available here: https://t.co/Gmr48qNGJE Just enter in your email addy & we'll send out keys in a bit.
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