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  • Tue, 18:55: Finally found the impetuous I need to stop drinking Dr P so much. Soda has been linked to heart failure, of which I have some symptoms.
  • Tue, 20:14: In other news, Eggnog is a thing again!
  • Tue, 23:50: RT @Photoshop: Coming soon to #Photoshop: Toolbar editing. https://t.co/w3cUnFeTtp Put the tools you use most right where you want 'em.
  • Wed, 00:04: Kinda getting to me that Twitter changed the 'favorite' icon to a heart. And not because it's a heart, but because it's red and seems weird
  • Wed, 02:57: Doobie sleeping in the new apartment https://t.co/HZpxB0oD3H
  • Wed, 02:58: Whoops I woke him up https://t.co/cCyVH2S8N2
  • Wed, 03:22: RT @neiltyson: Odd that politicians who change their mind are often criticized by those who don’t, as though ossified thoughts were a virtue
  • Wed, 05:54: I really wish @CNN would turn off the autoplay on all their articles. It's usually loud, it takes several clicks to make it stop playing.
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