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  • Fri, 00:54: It's the middle of November, at 8pm, and the Air Conditioning just turned on. Ug. This is going to be a warm winter.
  • Fri, 01:30: I guess I struck a nerve on some climate deniers. I trust the people that dedicated their lives to good science, no matter what their stance
  • Fri, 01:31: I dont trust people that pick a side and try to enforce it w/o examining the other side, for personal or political reasons. They're idiots
  • Fri, 02:05: People shouldn't treat science like a sport. You don't get to pick a team and boo and hiss at the other side. You have to look at the whole
  • Fri, 02:10: God I love internet drama.
  • Fri, 02:15: I wonder if I can piss off the anti-vaxxers next. They'd rather their kids die than get autism. That's harsh, folks.
  • Fri, 02:23: It's funny that these guys even give a shit what I have to say at all. I'm fairly easy to ignore. But damn am I getting a ton of hits!
  • Fri, 02:24: @paddyoshea55 Oh, can I be a wrench?I mean they're really versatile. You can even hook them up to compressed air and make really cool sounds
  • Fri, 02:27: RT @DarkestCatSoul: @JakkalWolf need to just post a sign that reads, "Welcome to the internet, how may I piss you off today?"
  • Fri, 02:30: I grew up on Usenet, so... insults said on Twitter really don't do anything to me. Sorry guys.
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