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  • Tue, 17:33: ISIS is really good at getting the common person to follow the narrative they're trying to craft. And that's pretty scary.
  • Tue, 17:59: Thinking about making a 9 or 10 character Reindeer TF YCH for Dec. Any interest? One character gets to be the cursemaker. Others are deer
  • Tue, 18:06: RT @GM: Proof is in the power. Congrats to the 2016 @MotorTrend Car of the Year, the @Chevrolet #CamaroSix. https://t.co/HuW34bn1Bi
  • Tue, 18:07: RT @LOLGOP: If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren't, you're going to have to stop pretending your concerns are reli…
  • Tue, 20:48: I'm finally ahead of schedule on the Kaerwyn comics. Now I can see about doing some commissions this week.
  • Wed, 04:19: I drank two sodas in a row :( But I still haven't had more than 3 cans per day since I started backing off Dr Pepper.
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