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You know... I really hate it...

...When people are so dead set against something they blindly lash out, seeking any 'logical' explanation as a desperate attempt to make sense of their obsession. I think this is the epitome of close-minded, blind, arrogant, ignorance. And frankly, nothing pisses me off moreso than this blind ignorance. Well that's not true, there is something that pisses me off moreso than typical blind ignorance - when those people are SO obsessed that anyone against them is an object to be insulted.

In my eyes, people use insults as a last resort, because they know they're losing the 'good fight'. What is the 'good fight' you might ask. I believe this is a fight of logic and not emotion. This is where people are battling it out with facts and figures instead of insults and smackdowns. Yes I know, I too engage in the smackdown, and I too insult, and hardly when I'm 'losing' the fight. That's because I too have a problem keeping my emotions out of a fight, but only after certain parties insist on dragging it on because they're either ignorant, obsessed, or unwilling to listen to the arguments of the other side.

My latest ramble here is against a certain individual that is dead set against something that, for the meantime, seems to be working, and working well. A lot of people have adopted this unmentioned 'thing' and I believe, first and formost, that it pisses the individual off because he's not in charge of it. Yes, this person I'm speaking off has been a long standing member of the community who is also a power hungry admin whore. If he doesn't make it, if he doesn't run it, it's evil, and he'll bash it down til he's out of breath. But NOW he's bashing the people that use this 'thing' because he obviously cannot come up with any substance for the real logical 'good fight.'

You sir, are a sheep in your own right. I call these people conforming non-conformists. These are typically those ignorant, blind fools that refuse to give something a chance because 'so many others are part of it'. Most goths are an example. They sit around bitching about the conformity of the populous while all conforming to what they believe is a 'tr00 goth'. These people in our community against the unmentioned 'thing' are just as bad as these goth-sheep, they don't like that so many are using the 'thing' so they lash out on those that use it (Society). Grow up. In other words, he's trying to bully the sheep into following his flock. But now he's finding out that those people he labeled as 'sheep' aren't listening to him whatsoever.

Okay, so what's this thing and who is this person. Well I'm not going to mention names because I loathe backstabbing, and I've already made this person aware of how inane his thoughts are on this subject, but the 'thing' is the weresymbol that you see popping up, used by therians.

Firstly, my thoughts on the symbol. I'm an artist, visual person. I like seeing artistic, visual symbolism. I really like the look of the symbol and the one thing I LIKE about it is that it really brought together the community. Unfortunately our 'individual' wasn't part of the creating process, so he's against it. Typical immature brat thinking *nods*. That's pretty much his fault for never taking any time to pay attention to communities outside of those he lords over admins.

So anyway, I see this symbol as a visual way to represent "therian." I don't see any difference between the letters that make the word "therian" and the symbol that means "therian". By definition, the word "therian" is a symbol for how we feel. Anyway, moving on. Our person is against it, at least in his first inane attempt to make people stop using it, because he's afraid people will commercialize it.

Oh no, someone might do something bad with the symbol! Let's condemn the symbol! This is akin to Superman's version of saving the earth from the huge ass meteor. "Oh no, a giant meteor is headed straight for the planet Earth! I know, let's move the Earth!" You realize that type of thinking has never worked. You cannot attack something because someone else -might- abuse it. And if we REALLY wanted to get down and dirty, there are PLENTY of inane and idiotic people who are RIGHT NOW abusing the term "Therianthropy" by saying they have an inner dragon that wants to eat their inner cheetah, and that cheetah wasn't good enough so now they're a sphinx with spots, and they howl at the moon and attack people... Well I think I made my point clear. People ARE abusing Therianthropy, but that's okay because it's not a symbol. What the fuck ever.

And then suddenly the reason changes (Typical of the desperate) and now anyone that uses the symbol is trying to conform and they are insecure. You know I can't stand people that take their personal problems and try to slap them on others. I don't think it's the people that use the symbol that are the insecure ones here, sir. I think it's those that refuse to USE the symbol fear that people are going to look down on them like the rotten waste of flesh... THAT THEY ARE! How very low it is to insult the people that use it because you don't like it. That SCREAMS insecure. Tell you what, when you get out of kindergarden, then you can try to psychoanalyse me. Until then, people WILL use the symbol, and I hope it's constant presence drives you so mad you leave the 'net. No no, wait, obsessed, that's not going to happen.

Typically in this community, no one has given two shits about 'conforming'. In fact, in this community people go OUT OF THEIR WAY to nonconform. So to say that people who use it are trying to conform and they're insecure really is one of the most rediculous ideas one could possibly pull out of their asses. Yes there are insecure people here, yes we have conformists, but I'd HARDLY say that just because someone uses a symbol that they fall into this group. I'd be more likely to believe that the people who are vehemently against something (That has thus far proven to work) are the insecure nonconformists. Yes that is my take on it.

The symbol has actually brought the community together on some level, because they have agreed on something. People have been trying to make a good symbol for us since 1996. It's never worked because people never agreed on it, but they kept trying, and trying, and now we have something that most people like and use! But then this ass decides to take it upon himself, with his army of sheep friends, and destroy the one thing the symbol DID do. He has taken it upon himself to create even more waves in our unstable community. I used to think that this person might actually care about the community as a whole, but now I truely believe that he's an insecure child trying to play the role of alpha, and lashing out when he finds he cannot control -anyone- capable of free thought and free will.

So in conclusion.. if you don't like the symbol, fine. No one is forcing anyone else to use it. But have some decency and maturity and don't attack people just because -they- decide to use it.

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