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I just making a horrid attempt to daily-update this thing. RIGHT! What do I say... hey, I ate... slept... <.< >.> Worked on Art.. RPed for a couple of hours (Gotta love that RP, wonderful stress reliever. Nothing like dishing out torture to characters...)

Wednesday... as everyone knows, is the year anniversary of the Attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC. I guess this is one of those times to reflect, really ponder mortality. I first heard about what was going on after I woke up at 11am or so in the morning. I called in sick (Yeah I had a job then)... my friend Coyote Osborne called to ask if we were okay with everything that's happened. Of course we had no idea what he was talking about til we turned on the TV. I remember Paws telling us, "A plane flew into one of the towers". At that point they only had the footage for the first plane, even though I believe both towers had fallen already by 11am.

To be honest I thought it was an accident, until I saw the other plane and heard about the other two. And then I couldn't believe something could be so organized, HOW The fuck could the FAA let that happen? Well I know they didn't /let/ it happen... but still 4 planes got taken over, for the love of god. It's good to know now that anyone that threatens to take over a plane will get their ass beaten to a pulp by the passengers if they even chuckle about it jokingly.

Man all those lives lost, so meaningless. God it really makes you wonder how you're going to go too. This was so damned unexpected. Can you imagine what it was like to see that plane flying straight towards you?? God I don't even want to think about it.

Oh well, it's 6am, think it's a good time to sign off.

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