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  • Wed, 17:41: RT @KarenMN: 🎄 He's making a database He's sorting it twice SELECT * from contacts WHERE behavior = 'nice' SQL Clause is coming to town 🎄
  • Wed, 18:54: Whenever Doobie's ball gets stuck, he comes to me whining so I'll get it for him. He'll even take me to it. It's so cute.
  • Thu, 02:29: Looks like @secondlife is finally adding in extra bones for nonhuman avatars. This opens it up to avatars with rigged wings, tails, & taurs
  • Thu, 02:30: I intend to make some of these new avatars on SL and get back into the game.
  • Thu, 03:48: Let it be known that Windows 10 is a piece of shit. I'm starting to think they are secretly at war with wacom.
  • Thu, 03:48: I have had to stop working and fix so many RETARDED and RIDICULOUS problems that MAGICALLY SPRING UP RANDOMLY. Had to restart it twice.
  • Thu, 03:49: I want windows 7 back.
  • Thu, 03:52: If anyone reading this has a Cintiq and you haven't upgraded to windows 10 yet: Don't. Just don't.
  • Thu, 04:02: Thank you whoever wrote this that fixed the latest issue. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next "Fun with Win10" https://t.co/uYR1NqedN7
  • Thu, 04:18: My problems with Win10 and how I fixed that shit. https://t.co/1SSJKIIT7i
  • Thu, 04:25: The big issue is that these things didn't all happen from the start. They randomly started popping up. Everyday, new issue.
  • Thu, 04:26: The Alt bubble thing didn't start up until tonight. I restarted the computer and it stopped for about 10 minutes and then came back.
  • Thu, 04:51: RT @StephenAtHome: There's a scene where Chewbacca gets into some dark chocolate and has to spend the night at the vet. #spoilerspoilers
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