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  • Wed, 16:11: So. The person that gave us the puppy said that it was a 'breech of contract' to give us the puppy and they want the puppy back now.
  • Wed, 17:08: So this gets a little more interesting. I think I'm going to have to tumblr this. It's too much for twitter, but probably not yet.
  • Wed, 18:44: #Festivus for the rest of us!
  • Wed, 18:57: I've tried calling the shelter several times, trying to reach three different people on their staff. I don't think they're open today.
  • Wed, 23:08: Well the 6pm deadline passed. Never could contact the rescue/shelter. They never txted me back. Dunno what's going on.
  • Wed, 23:09: Is it winter? Cuz it sure feels like summer outside. Thunderstorm and all.
  • Thu, 00:03: Man, I'm fighting so hard to stay awake. One never gets a good night's sleep with a new puppy. The bullshit didn't help.
  • Thu, 00:03: I still have another commission I have to finish for today, and I have that YCH I have to finish before the end of the week too.
  • Thu, 02:42: Happy puppy https://t.co/Be1NjH3Dxp
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