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  • Mon, 15:52: Kodi refuses to let me sleep more than 6hrs for the past 3-4 days. I am super exhausted and cranky as fuck. Seriously don't mess with me
  • Mon, 16:44: I can't stand drawing crowds. I really can't stand drawing when I'm exhausted. Thinking about saying 'fuck it' for the comics this week.
  • Mon, 17:20: I am now playing with Kodi. The game is "Keep the dog awake."
  • Mon, 22:04: I just fucked up my drawing hand. This week's comics and commissions are brought to you by Pain™.
  • Mon, 23:51: So I ended up cutting the tip of my thumb off, not even with a knife, nice, blunt, almost blister looking cut. Lots of blood.
  • Tue, 02:08: If anyone wants to do an artist a favor, make an app that uploads our pics to all our galleries at once. This is such a time consuming bitch
  • Tue, 05:21: Doobie winning the war https://t.co/wTOIo1CbK9
  • Tue, 05:45: okay, I get there are legit issues of police brutality. But point a gun at a cop, get shot. Why is this so hard to figure out?
  • Tue, 06:50: Parents need to teach their kids not to fuck around with toy guns. Toy gun makers need to stop making them look so realistic.
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