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  • Wed, 16:13: Artists doing reindeer pics: (I know, a little late). Deer do not have upper front teeth. I know it's weird. I try to hide it too.
  • Wed, 19:07: Going to try this recipe tonight: https://t.co/TIlTAWTWgc
  • Wed, 22:02: Thinking about offering to do commissions for gift cards people got for Xmas that they might not want. Walmart, Amazon, local pet stores
  • Thu, 01:24: Bill Cosby was finally, officially charged for sexual assault. There's always room for Jail-O. @Neekrhael said it, I stole'd it from him.
  • Thu, 04:21: Kodi keeps pulling stuff off the counter. He got up on the stovetop while I was cooking one day. This shit has to stop now.
  • Thu, 04:22: I'm really afraid he's going to burn himself really badly doing that. I'll have to trap him and punish him when I catch him in the act.
  • Thu, 04:25: I'll probably make some beef bouillon rice balls to bait Kodi. That way if he does grab them, it won't hurt him.
  • Thu, 04:55: The #Affluenza kid is really what riles me up right now. I think that's worse than the LEO brutality stuff going on right now.
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