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  • Sat, 16:36: Today's the day of the @krispykreme Challenge. No way I could do that. I can't eat more than 2 in a row without fazing out of space time.
  • Sat, 17:10: Kaerwyn is now starting to get signups from people who are not as old as Kaerwyn. #mindblown
  • Sat, 23:34: Just got back from watching Star Wars at the theater. Good movie. Didn't live up to the hype. But worth seeing in the theater.
  • Sat, 23:35: It finally happened. He didn't even get to the donuts. @WRAL: Man dies after running in Krispy Kreme Challenge https://t.co/Th1v7VaJbg
  • Sun, 02:15: For those that don't know. KK Challenge: Run 1.5 miles, eat 1 dozen KK donuts, run 1.5 miles back. If you throw up, you lose.
  • Sun, 03:15: Oh, I was wrong, it's 2.5 miles from NCSU to the KrispyKreme, so it's 5 miles total plus a dozen donuts.
  • Sun, 04:24: Something about drawing guns that gets people to make huge leaps of logic and comment about said firearms. Ppl wonder why I hate drawing 'em
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