Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

My tweets

  • Wed, 20:18: Man, I'm so tired. I've been working 12hr days again. K-comic brings in $2.50/hr with current donations. Seriously thinking about stopping
  • Wed, 22:49: I need to make more adoptables. I find them incredibly fun to recolor, and they ease the commission burden.
  • Wed, 23:28: I should make some stickers of some of my adoptables (Not the ones sold). LIke the big grunty werewolves. A new set, as stickers!
  • Thu, 03:39: Got the stairs finished. Now I just need to make the railings for the stairs and the second floor commons area. https://t.co/QXPxBAf8SI
  • Thu, 06:43: The stairs have rails. This is on my opensim on my computer. Didn't have time to upload it onto SL. https://t.co/ARJiwWhOEv
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