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  • Mon, 21:40: Yay, my troll removed me from his @Patreon watch list. Maybe he found out I'm not stupid enough to paywall stuff on Patreon.
  • Mon, 22:18: @Harvey_ArtImade a 3d werewolf for sale once. And someone was absolutely furious that they couldn't attach a penis to it.
  • Mon, 23:31: People are ignorantly terrified of democrats "taking away their 2nd amend. rights", but have no problem with Trump taking away the 1st.
  • Tue, 05:30: Someone seriously asked me if they have to pay to get a commission from me. No, of course not, my landlord will take your thanks for rent.
  • Tue, 06:50: If people seriously think artists that charge less than $50 are 'greedy' they are seriously out of touch with reality. Srsly, fuck off.
  • Tue, 06:51: And if they know "better artists that charge less", great. Go get a commission from them instead. Idiots.
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