Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

Don't Do This: Uhm. Crazy Gibbering Freeloader

Wow, I haven't gotten to do one of these for a while. And this one is on SL too! See I'm not too active in SL selling avatars these days. But I still have my island. I mostly use it for the comic backgrounds.

But every now and then, we have to do prim cleanup, because random people leave their shit around. It's just a consequence of leaving build open for others, something I like to do for say, avatar owners wanting to edit their stuff. Or just so people have a quiet place to build.

And then you get these entitled fucks. I posted about this on twitter, but I'll go into more detail here.

This started a couple of days ago when Kayla Stonecutter (My partner in crime on SL) returned some objects on the island. Then this person flipped their shit and started harassing Kay over it.

At that point in time, I blurred out the name. NOPE! NO MORE! After someone proves themselves to be an unreasonable asshole, they get the unreasonable asshole treatment.

I admit that I'm not as witty as I used to be, so it's probably not as good a read as past incidents.

So what happened today? Well, they popped onto the sim while Kay and I were working on stuff for the comic. And I noticed they were naked. We have a no-naked avatars rule on our island. We gave them ample time to read the rules and put some clothes on. By that point, we kicked them off the island (Send them to their home location). We even have it in our rules that naked avatars will be kicked without warning.

So of course they come back and try to make a scene. For some reason they attack Kayla (Probably thinking Kayla can't do anything).

[16:26:46] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): why are you doing this?
[16:27:08] Kayla Stonecutter: The sim owner is the one that kicked out you for not wearing clothes in a PG sim.
[16:27:19] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): ii am wearing clothes
[16:27:22] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): didnt load for you
[16:27:29] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): youre abusing power
[16:27:50] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): dont have no one here too
[16:27:56] Kayla Stonecutter: I know what not loaded clothes looks like. You were not wearing anything for a while. You put some on just before being ejected.
[16:27:59] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): just you and me so what problem if i get naked?
[16:28:12] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): youre abusing power
[16:28:20] Kayla Stonecutter: The sim owner is standing right next to me in the sim. She's the one that ejected you.
[16:28:29] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): i was changing clothes
[16:28:36] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): i am testing demo
[16:28:45] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): if you dont want see me naked then close your eyes
[16:28:47] Kayla Stonecutter: This is not an Adult sim, you can't be naked here. And it wasn't for just a second, you were here for many minutes nude.
[16:29:06] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): i am not doing anything wrong
[16:29:11] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): dont have no one here than you and me
[16:29:15] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): i am just changing clothes
[16:30:06] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): but if you dont want me change here ok
[16:30:18] Kayla Stonecutter: See on the minimap? Another dot. That's the sim owner. And it's against both SL and sim rules to be nude here. So if you want to be nude go somewhere else.
[16:30:41] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): i dont have somewhere else to go
[16:30:49] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): thats why i teleport to here
[16:31:01] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): youre owner of where i am now?
[16:31:35] Kayla Stonecutter: I'm not the region owner, but she's given me admin rights here.
[16:31:49] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): here where i am too?
[16:32:13] Kayla Stonecutter: The entire region. Both sims are owned by her.
[16:32:32] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): stop being boring i just want to change clothes
[16:32:47] 寄与針 (MikuZatsuneEvil): i am using alpha now see?

The whole "if you don't want to see my naked then close your eyes" is what got me to respond. How fucking arrogant.

So I sent a global message to the sim:
[16:36] Jakkal Dingo: Hi, we don't give a fuck about your excuses. If you break the goddamn rules, you get booted. That's pretty fucking simple.
[16:36] Jakkal Dingo: And don't leave your shit all over the place.

Tame. I know.

So then they PMed me:

[16:37] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): youre the owner
[16:37] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): ?
[16:37] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): you can return
[16:38] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): or you can not allow rezzing
[16:38] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): dont need to say bad names
[16:38] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): or i will report you :)
[16:38] Jakkal Dingo: You can leave you know. I'm aware that you harassed my friend about removing your shit on the sim, that you're not authorized to leave around.
[16:39] Jakkal Dingo: So you can leave. You don't have to rez anything here.
[16:39] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): you can put things to return automatic

Then cool people (read: my alts) can't build stuff and that's not fair.

[16:39] Jakkal Dingo: I don't want to do that. You can also just leave.
[16:39] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): shut the fuck up you dumb
[16:39] Jakkal Dingo: Oh who's reporting who now?
[16:39] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): if yourenot happy just ban
[16:39] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): me
[16:39] Jakkal Dingo: sure
[16:39] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): cause YOU are insulting first
[16:39] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): stupid
[16:40] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): i already reported
[16:40] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): american idiot
[16:40] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): i will put my big dick in your bad ass
[16:40] Jakkal Dingo: Banned as you requested. Have a nice day.
[16:40] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): suck my dick

The funny thing about this comment is that they had a female child avatar on that had bukakke on their face.

[16:40] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): whore
[16:40] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): piece of shit
[16:40] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): yo are just a fuckin american
[16:40] Jakkal Dingo: lol, keep going.
[16:40] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): -'-
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): sua putinha do karai
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): are you thinkin what karaiu
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): are u crieisi
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): fuck u
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): karaiu
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): fuck my pinto
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): very big dick ok
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): i love your ass
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): rsrsrs
[16:41] Jakkal Dingo: You have a horse dick? Ew.
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): KKKKKKKKKKKKK
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): K
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): K
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): K
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): K
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): K
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): K
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): K
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): YES TRUE
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): BEST PROSTITUTE EVER <3
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): LOVE YOUR ASS
[16:41] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): U WHORE
[16:41] Jakkal Dingo: Keep going. This is good stuff.
[16:42] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): your mother know you do sex with a horse?
[16:42] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): fuck
[16:42] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): you shit lol
[16:42] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): you came from my ass? LOL
[16:42] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): stop please
[16:42] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): you fat and ugly bitch
[16:43] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): i think your friend dont sucked my dick very good i will not pay her ok?
[16:43] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): ugly pony lol
[16:43] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): so childish
[16:45] Jakkal Dingo: Oh, are you done?
[16:45] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): no im calling my friend to insult you too
[16:45] Jakkal Dingo: It's been two minutes without an insult. I was starting to get worried for you.
[16:46] Jakkal Dingo: Your left hand?
[16:46] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): my best friend
[16:46] Jakkal Dingo: oh your RIGHT hand

For the record, their imaginary friends never PMed me

[16:46] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): no
[16:46] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): my two hands
[16:46] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): my two legs
[16:46] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): my everything
[16:46] Jakkal Dingo: That makes no sense.
[16:46] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): im romantic filhinho :)
[16:46] Jakkal Dingo: You're feeling ho's?
[16:47] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): fodasi karaiu
[16:47] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): you banned me but i think you cant handle with my hud lagging your pc
[16:47] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): u shit
[16:48] Jakkal Dingo: You're still not making any sense. You might be having a stroke.
[16:48] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): filhinho vai si fude ok? nau quero sabe fodasi shurupi cale a boca faça o favor ja to cansada de vc
[16:48] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): muted
[16:49] Jakkal Dingo: Oh no, no more retard speak. I'm sad.

Oh he lied about being muted

[16:49] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): yes if you want more retard speak than talk with your friend, or go infront of mirror and talk with yourself
[16:50] Jakkal Dingo: Oh wow, that took you a whole minute to come up with that one. I'm proud of you!
[16:50] Jakkal Dingo: I think you missed the mute.
[16:50] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): idai?
[16:50] Jakkal Dingo: You died?
[16:51] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): black magic meu filho
[16:51] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): magiiicccc
[16:51] Jakkal Dingo: Oh really? I'm an expert at Aetheric Manipulation. Please, give me more information on how you can manipulate aetherons to produce magical effects. I'm always interested in learning other people's systems. But you shouldn't call it magic, that makes you seem, you know, less educated and well, brain damaged.

I was RPing Endy here. Cuz, wtf, seriously? Black maaaaggiiiiiccc. Am I supposed to be, I dunno, producing some emotion other than lulz?

[16:52] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): vdd to drogada ja
[16:52] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): stop viu
[16:53] Jakkal Dingo: Seriously, I think you're having a stroke.
[16:53] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): lol
[16:53] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): bye nice to meet you i loved to fuck with u
[16:53] Jakkal Dingo: Honey, you don't even know how.
[16:53] 寄与針 (mikuzatsuneevil): true honeyzinho

It's kind of hard to argue with someone that just keeps posting gibberish. I hope they get well soon, after having a stroke on SL
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