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  • Wed, 04:13: Everytime I feel unproductive or uninspired, I play music from The Legend of Zelda. It's like canned inspiration in musical form.
  • Wed, 15:21: Experimenting with a new @Patreon tier setup. $10+ subs are going to get some extras this week! Bloopers, Sketches/WIPs, & wallpapers soon!
  • Wed, 16:32: RT @CrashDetective1: VALUJET FLIGHT 592 Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the crash of Valujet Flight 592 in the Florida... https://t.co
  • Wed, 17:21: RT @TheDailyShow: NC could lose roughly $2 billion in federal funds if it upholds its 'bathroom bill.' https://t.co/8yChkWDQrb https://t.co
  • Wed, 17:23: I'm watching 9/11 conspiracy videos. What great fiction.
  • Wed, 18:00: First they argue it wasn't a hot enough fire. Now they're saying someone added thermite to explain why it was so hot. Which one is it?!
  • Wed, 18:31: A guy uninvolved in the investigation says he doesn't see how they would come down w/o a bomb. Uhm. What do you think those jets were?
  • Wed, 19:10: This guy just said the government was too incompetent, so it must be a conspiracy. But then pulled off this inside job. lol
  • Wed, 19:22: Now this one 'expert' is a playwright and an essayist, talking about what the military can and cannot do.
  • Wed, 19:22: I guess I'm an expert at everything cuz I've drawn it. Take that conspiracy nuts.
  • Wed, 20:18: @AsSeenOnIRC and I have decided that the US has a quantum state government. It's either competent or incompetent depending on observation.
  • Wed, 20:31: Ah, I got through the whole thing. They wanted me to 'watch it from start to finish' and I did. And it's all bullshit.
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