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  • Wed, 14:08: The one thing that bothered me about Civil War: Cap did not deliver that line. If you saw the movie and know about Cap, you know what I mean
  • Wed, 14:30: Via @WRAL: Overtime pay may become reality for more US workers https://t.co/yYA2oec7UY
  • Wed, 14:34: So what happened to FA is super serious. So let me pimp @FurryNetwork in the meantime. They seem to take website hosting much more seriously
  • Wed, 14:52: Just a general reminder, given the nature of FA's troubles, if you use your FA password elsewhere, change it. I don't know if FA hashes PWs.
  • Wed, 15:25: I really like @FurryNetwork but working on the drafts is sometimes very difficult. It's slow and unresponsive at times.
  • Wed, 18:13: Oh, werewolves. That's tempting. I'm not much of a gamer but that's making me want to look into it. https://t.co/HHC2rlzRUL
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