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  • Wed, 15:10: Leave it to the Onion to say what a lot of us are thinking https://t.co/iFGcpvLXzV
  • Wed, 15:41: I'm still waiting to hear Donald Trump announce that Donald Trump is his running mate.
  • Wed, 21:31: Well our internet is down. Twc can't come out til friday. So I can't update the comics, send commissions, etc
  • Wed, 21:33: Good news is, if you're a patreon subscriber, you get to see Thursdays comic already
  • Wed, 21:35: I can still get emails and such via my phone, but no good way to send out commissions until friday
  • Wed, 21:36: Assuming twc can fix it. Seems to be purely a DNS issue, we can get to websites if we have the ip
  • Thu, 00:21: Alright, thanks guys. @AsSeenOnIRC set up the Google DNS thing for me so hopefully I won't have any downtime problems now!
  • Thu, 00:32: Once again @Google saves us where TWC failed us. And they did it for free. God I can't wait for @googlefiber
  • Thu, 02:02: For all the Werewolf peeps https://t.co/2gBRYMzFO2 via @amazon
  • Thu, 02:57: From @WRAL. Vermont is also the best state for Maple Syrup. MAPLE SYRUP STOPS CRIME! Correlation Is Not Causation https://t.co/UvD6VFoXl3
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