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  • Wed, 15:02: I still have 5 commission slots open, if those don't sell, then I'll post the little werewolf avatar in their place. Otherwise, the weekend
  • Wed, 16:13: @Patreon you guys need to add a media library for things like desktop BG rewards and similar things! Make it easier to browse and download
  • Wed, 16:19: Wow, my car insurance went down for the second time within a year (I haven't taken the Olds off yet). Thanks @Progressive!
  • Wed, 17:06: Best way to get a break from needy dogs: Kong bone and carrots.
  • Wed, 17:12: Via @WRAL: Justice Department asks judge to block transgender law https://t.co/ViSEzqVonM
  • Wed, 21:58: When a restaurant sends you a coupon for $20 off an entree, you know you can't afford to eat there.
  • Thu, 01:39: The bane of my existence: sketch approvals. I encourage all artists to charge extra for them. They trip you up, make you waste precious time
  • Thu, 01:54: The Anthro art community has extremely low prices. Artists need to make up for that by saving time.Sketch approvals waste time.Charge for it
  • Thu, 02:12: Basically for artists: if you can't raise your prices, then lower your time spent. If you sell your work for $15, get it down to an hour!
  • Thu, 02:27: I'm on Pokemon Go. We need a werewolf team.
  • Thu, 02:28: But you probably don't want me on your team. I suck at games, and I never leave my apartment.
  • Thu, 02:29: Why is a Zaxby's a pokemon gym. I don't even.
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