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It always sucks when someone lets you down. Well it happens a lot. Someone that I respected a lot has decided that I'm an evil, stupid admin because I played devils advocate and showed them some of the fallacies in their own argument. Now, this person has nearly lost their moderator status many many times, and I always stood up for him because I thought he was a good mod, that usually had good things to say. Unfortunately, his attitude over the years has gotten worse and worse and I found myself nearly being unable to prevent the inevitible-> him losing mods. Even today I told my roomies "No, don't get rid of his mods" but it was too late, he insulted some people without provocation and that caused the owner to remove his mods. Well I figured it would be temporary and I hoped that the person wouldn't leave the forums.

You know, I always thought he was strong enough to take the fact that some people don't agree with him, and that some people can find and pick out the fallacies in his arguments (Since he claims to be a 'logical' person). And since this person often uses logical fallacies to dismiss people's points, I thought it was necessary to point out the logical fallacies that plague his own posts. Does he learn from it? No, he dismisses my points, takes them personally, and decides I'm an enemy.

Well get in line. I'm pretty used to that kind of treatment at this point. But I didn't realize that this person absolutely couldn't take what he dishes out. I'm sure he'll read this post and get pissed off and dismiss it even moreso. But I do have hope that maybe he'll see the proverbial light that I'm not his enemy. I think I was making as much sense as he does. But I think he's not nearly as logical and unemotional as he believes. I've come to realize that this person wasn't one worthy of respect because while he's highly intelligent but he can't stand by his "logical" ideals. I believe that he can't take the heat of the kitchen when the oven door is open in his direction. Arrogance and intolerance are two things that I really cannot stand. Unfortunately this person is the epitome of both.

But now that he's had his field day insulting me behind my back, I hope he feels better. What he said to me is of no consequence because it really doesn't affect me in the slightest. I recognize that it's just lashing out and grasping for straws because he felt hurt, or intimidated or I dunno, something. All that came from it was the disappointment of having yet another 'friend' prove they can't take what they dish out.

It just goes to show that even intelligence is not enough to earn respect.

Respect n. Willingness to show consideration or appreciation.

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