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Get the hell out.

You know a few days ago a friend of mine showed me a thread where someone had the audacity to say, "God fucked America and America fucked us." Of course this was back at 9/11 when all the non-conforming conformists had to go out in full force and decree how stupid they thought America was. Okay so these children are so damned insecure that they have to break away from the "norm" at any point they can. Great guys, you're so cool. I bask in your coolness. Maybe one day you, yourselves, will actually develope a brain, and your own opinions. I hate these damned "Anti-Sheep". They can't stand following the flock, so they follow the other, pretending not to be following anyone. Let me tell you something about sheep children, you might see them as a term for demeaning people, but SAFETY IN NUMBERS!

So here I go with my rant. #1. If you don't like the country you're in... Leave. Nothing's stopping you from leaving. Oh yeah, here comes the excuses, "But I'm not 18 yet.." And I care why? Just because you're not 18 yet doesn't mean you can't leave the country. But hell, that now provides a reason for why you have such stupid opinions. YOU'RE A GODDAMNED CHILD. "Fuck you Jakkal, I'm over 18 I just can't afford it." Cry me a river and rob a bank. You're non-conformists right? Our laws aren't your laws right? Go steal. Get the money you need and get the fuck out. "That's stupid, I could never get away with that. You're just being mean." No I'm not being mean you stupid fuck. I'm not the one telling America to go to hell because my miserable life sucks. GROW UP.

See what I don't get about these goddamned little brats. They bitch, whine and moan, and their peers PRAISE them for it. GROW UP. Wait til you get to the real world where bitching, whining and moaning get you ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE. It only makes you look like a WHINEY GODDAMNED CHILD. Yes, I am making myself look like a whiney goddamned child now, I'm not above hypocrisy, I bask in it. I am sick and goddamned tired of all the whiney bitches running around thinking they're so cool because they can bitch and rant about something. Good lord, do you realise how stupid you make yourselves sound? Here's some advice, take a gun, shove it up your pie hole, aim for your brain and pull the trigger. YOU ARE NOW DEAD. Thank god, put us out of your misery.

Ok that was bad of me. I'm sorry. What I meant to say is, if you don't like this country, you can infact leave. Do us all a favor and jump into the nearest ocean and start paddling. No one will stop you. Sure you won't survive, but the big bad government won't be oppressing you anymore! You'll be wild and free to do what you want... and then die. Because your weak and pathetic little asses couldn't possibly live outside of the safety of your homes. So your only recourse is to bitch about your government, and whine about how you don't want to live in this country. "But the US would never let us leave! And it's such a long and involved process." GUESS WHAT KIDS??? Reality check time. ALMOST ALL 1st WORLD COUNTRIES HAVE SIMILAR IMMIGRATION LAWS! You leave this country to another and wham, your ass is deported. How would that make you feel? Hope it makes you feel like shit.

So start swimming kids. Start swimming..

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