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  • Sun, 16:43: What do you think of Anthros with human-like head hair? The "Char" in the poll, is "Character", not enough room
  • Sun, 16:44: For me. I prefer anthros with head hair. I don't like seeing them without, looks like an animal head slapped on a human body.
  • Sun, 17:17: Trump reminds me of that one dog in the wiener dog race that forgets it's racing, and tries to attack all the other dogs running.
  • Sun, 18:23: Head Index of 107F again today. Really wanted to walk the dogs, but it looks like they'll have to stay inside again.
  • Sun, 21:51: Ha! https://t.co/N3yOk5ad8k
  • Mon, 04:06: Just started watching Stranger Things. Only two episodes in, but so far so good. We're playing 'pick the movie that inspired the scene'
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