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Sniffles, Sneezes and Snot

I somehow managed to get a cold... on my birthday >:P But that was Wednesday. I'm still trying to get over it. It really sucks. I so fear getting another sinus infection from it. But we'll see what happens.

In other news, I didn't get much art done at all this week, as my freelance guy got me some projects to work on. Fun fun. I put in 16 hours of work this week. That's pretty good for a part time freelancer.

But I did manage to get some art done, besides the comics I mean. I started working on a painting. This will be the first traditional media painting I've done in almost 10 years. I've never had much experience with paints at all. My HS art department couldn't afford them, and neither could my parents. I couldn't afford them after I moved out either. I'm afraid to spend a lot of money on paints for what turn out to be worthless pics. *sigh* I wish I could get more practice in. But this is one of the reasons I love digital painting. I don't have to worry about the cost of supplies. I do everything I can in PS to follow traditional methods (Where possible). Both traditional and PS have their advantages and disadvantages, but overall PS works out better for me.

In any case, I'm having serious trouble with this painting, not because of my skill (or lack thereof) but because the canvasboard I'm using doesn't appear to have been properly primed. It was *supposed* to be primed and read to go, but the coating looked a little 'thin' to me. Well when I tried to paint on it, the paint didn't want to stick. You know how if you try to write with a marker on something plastic, how it turns into a bunch of little ink blots? That's exactly what this paint was doing. It would -not- stick if I added any water to the paint, which is kinda a necessity for acrylic painting. And yes these were made specifically for acrylics, so it's not a paint thing. *sigh* I kinda wish I had stopped after I realized the problem and gotten some gesso for it. But I don't have a lot of extra money to spend right now.

I'm also taking the same sketch from the traditional painting and making a photoshop painting out of it. Really this is a B'day present for my glorious and fabulous husband, which makes the let down of the traditional version that much worse. I want it to be *perfect* for him. So yeah, now I'm painting it in PS and if it comes out looking good, maybe I'll have a professional print it out on canvas.

You can view the progress of the digital one here: http://www.drakkolupen.com/tutorials/painting/mates/

And here's a sneak peek just to piss off everyone in my friend's list.


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