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Wow, there's some really good quotes on Bash.org lately

Incase anyone was wondering, bash.org is a giant irc quote database. It's really hard to get a quote in, and some of them are just hilarous. These recents are pretty funny.

#356805 +(1206)- [X]
<v_9> All those who believe in Telekenesis raise my hand.


#361547 +(1020)- [X]
<Beerman> I'm the top of the nick list
<Beerman> therefore I am the tallest
<Outsyder> i am in the middle of the nick list
<Outsyder> therefore i am the belly
<Beerman> does that make Sethur the naughty bits?
<Sethur> Hmmmm.
* Sethur is now known as Sethurrrrrrrrrrrr
<Sethurrrrrrrrrrrr> That's better.
<Beerman> you're still at the "naughty bits" area of the nick list
<Sethurrrrrrrrrrrr> Yes. That's why I made my nick longer


#362137 +(1559)- [X]

<reo4k> just type /quit whoever, and it'll quit them from irc
* luckyb1tch has quit IRC (r`heaven)
* r3devl has quit IRC (r`heaven)
* sasopi has quit IRC (r`heaven)
* phhhfft has quit IRC (r`heaven)
* blackersnake has quit IRC (r`heaven)
<reo4k> that's gotta hurt
<r`heaven> :(


#360206 +(575)- [X]
<Hunter> Someone asked me the difference between ignorance and apathy. I told her I don;t know and I don;t care


#354508 +(884)- [X]

<Dyl4N>a mosquito landed on my screen and i went to right click on it and close it...
<Dyl4N>then i realized i should get out more
<Jesse>send me a screen shot


#354226 +(1118)- [X]

<Philth> god i'm stupid
<Stinger> yes you are
<Philth> Stinger: Have you heard the jokes they don't tell fags?
<Stinger> yes
<Stinger> dumbass
<Philth> what ones?
<Stinger> i cant tell you
<Stinger> fag
<Philth> DAMN that really backfired..

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