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  • Thu, 19:58: One reason I've grown to despise Christianity: Act like the bully and then play the victim card when you're called on being an asshole.
  • Thu, 19:59: If you're oppressing people, and others tell you to stop, you are not the victim. You are an entitled little shit, getting what you deserve
  • Thu, 22:02: So, I might be suddenly $1700 in debt. Anyone interested in the $120 3 stage TF pics? Maybe a comic auction (or three) instead?
  • Thu, 22:52: I'm not in trouble guys. Just the Cintiq Companion is on sale for $900 off. Been wanting one for a *long* time. But still $1700.
  • Thu, 22:52: But I am willing to take on extra work to pay it off sooner.
  • Thu, 23:10: I did it! I bought it! OMG I CAN DRAW DIGITAL ART FROM ANYWHERE NOW. But $1700 in debt.
  • Thu, 23:17: Cintiq Companion means I might be able to go to cons and do pics. For the first time ever.
  • Fri, 02:07: Buyer's remorse sneaking in. Ugn, I just got out of debt, now I'm back in it.
  • Fri, 14:10: GOP logic: You can't trust the government. If you stand up to the government you're a hero! Later: Snowden is a goddamned criminal.
  • Fri, 14:11: So an idiot freeloader threatening to shoot Gov officials so cattle can roam for free is a hero.(See Bundy Standoff) >>>
  • Fri, 14:12: But a fellow that pointed out all the illegal stuff the NSA was doing, and had no choice but to release it the way he did, is a criminal
  • Fri, 17:29: @DeviantArt is telling me to use the commission widget. But it's not very intuitive for commissions for money, not points.
  • Fri, 17:33: My goal is to try to make an extra $300 a month so I can pay off the $1700 in ~ 6 months. 1st, I'm going to offer werewolf avatars for $10
  • Fri, 17:34: I've got the avatars sketched, but I need to ink and make samples. I will only make 20 at most, so they're a limited run.
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