Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

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  • Thu, 15:13: I have gotten the dreaded shoulder pain, the thing all artists fear and eventually get. Of course it happens on commission day.
  • Thu, 17:31: OMG, I cannot stop laughing at this. https://t.co/8gOrZVAGzY
  • Thu, 19:01: RT @NeKap: Hey @Montreal how many people die for alcohol related reasons or smoking cigarettes each year? But you choose to outlaw THIS ins…
  • Thu, 21:10: I originally had windows 10 set up to notify me of updates and let me install when convenient. Nope. Now it wants to reboot whenever
  • Fri, 00:17: Our neighbors have a dog, that is obnoxious, and they let run without a leash. It makes a noise that sounds like a person saying 'arf'.
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