Jakkal (jakkal) wrote,

My tweets

  • Thu, 17:13: RT @drakenhart: AH!! I love it! @JakkalWolf made this avatar! It's part of her limited run of werewolf avas. She even got my mane color in…
  • Thu, 18:07: RT @EliasToufexis: We have the best balloons down here. They float. They're the best floaters believe me. They all float down here if you w…
  • Thu, 23:02: Coming from a guy so insecure about his opinions, he has to tell people to block him if they don't like them. Mocki… https://t.co/7ADFP3dnPI
  • Thu, 23:25: Get out the popcorn, trollin' me some idiots tonight.
  • Fri, 01:38: Sweet, the idiots made my tweet impressions go up. Entertaining and profitable.
  • Fri, 04:48: As a reminder, folks, Katrina was a Cat 3 when it made landfall. Stay safe everyone! https://t.co/H18R9SyoGj
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