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  • Sun, 18:52: I'm actually thinking about learning C++ so I can help the Vanguard Emulator move a little faster. Still need crafting and combat programmed
  • Sun, 22:57: @TheFreshMarket has, hands down, the best steaks available in Raleigh,NC. Just got two grass fed filet mignon. Came out perfect.
  • Sun, 23:24: 2nd Presidential Debate Bingo https://t.co/Y24er6umO4
  • Mon, 00:25: RT @AstroKatie: So, sexual assault is top political news because a proud perpetrator of it is using victims of it to score points against a…
  • Mon, 00:45: Trump's campaign strategy: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.
  • Mon, 01:12: Trump sounds so deflated. Even his hair looks deflated. Still rambling though.
  • Mon, 01:12: RT @UrsulaV: Ok, I think what I'm understanding is that he will defeat ISIS with locker room talk?
  • Mon, 01:23: I love that #sniffles is trending on twitter.
  • Mon, 01:26: TIL: Trump is going to grab ISIS by the pussy. Spend his time as a president with more revenge lawsuits.
  • Mon, 01:31: RT @BettyBowers: Trump is starting a catastrophic, mental breakdown, as his self-adulating fantasy finally crashes with rude reality’s abho…
  • Mon, 01:34: Trump: "Here's what we need to do that everyone's said from the beginning." "Well how do you do that?" GRAB ISIS BY THE PUSSY
  • Mon, 01:39: Same here. https://t.co/aMTYkJZsr5
  • Mon, 01:51: "We deserve answers" Yes, Mrs Clinton, please fucking answer the question. God they're both terrible at this.
  • Mon, 01:52: And Trump's not even listening.
  • Mon, 01:53: What the fuck is Trump even saying? Oh, now he's lying. Oh and there's the Tu Quoque again.
  • Mon, 01:53: Probably not a good idea for the man running for President to admit that he knows nothing about Russia.
  • Mon, 01:54: Oh jesus, Trump. You wouldn't dare change anything that benefits you *so fucking much*.
  • Mon, 01:58: Difference so far: Clinton talks about her plans and what she intends to do. Trump just says he has plans. All talk. "It's just talk"
  • Mon, 01:59: "Hillary has friends that want these provisions."But Trump, YOU want them too. You're as bad as her friends you're trying to use against her
  • Mon, 02:00: RT @cyborgk9: Why didn't Clinton do anything about ______? Maybe because the GOP have been obstructionist tools on most things? #debates
  • Mon, 02:05: RT @goldengateblond: All you need to know about Trump's ignorance of the political process is that he thinks a single Senator can accomplis…
  • Mon, 02:06: Trump has spent the entire debate looking like he's trying to determine if that was, in fact, just a fart.
  • Mon, 02:08: Oh now he knows about Russia.
  • Mon, 02:11: "I have 200 generals and admirals that support me" - Most of them Russian and Chinese.
  • Mon, 02:13: RT @scottEweinberg: Donald Trump is so stupid regarding military strategy I wouldn't even play Call of Duty with him.
  • Mon, 02:14: No! We shouldn't arm anyone. Jesus christ, that's never ended well.
  • Mon, 02:15: Trump: Here's all the stuff we want and I'll give it! "how?" "Clinton sucks!" "China!" "She's a liar" "Other stuff, stop asking me things!"
  • Mon, 02:17: I'm starting to think that Trump believes Clinton has been president for the past 30 years.
  • Mon, 02:23: "Who will be there to answer the call" Trump won't, he'll be furiously tweeting against some rando that dislikes his tie color.
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