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Since this is my "week off" between BT's and I didn't have any other official work to do (besides commissions), I decided to spend a few hours working on my website. It's in dire need of a spiffy redesign. I checked out some free template sites to get some inspiration (just like before I drawing, I look for pics of whatever I'm drawing for references sake.) In any case, I came up with something I think looks pretty spiffy... but at the same time it's pretty easy to browse with. That's what's important to me anyway, browsing ease. I can't stand going to a website and pulling my hair out looking for the links and how to get back from one page to another and blah. I mean I'm a professional level designer, I should have a good looking site of my own.

Anyway this is what I'm working with so far. Obviously it's not finished. I just wanted to make sure the overall layout worked in netscape. I haven't looked at it in any other browsers yet. Lemme know if one of the other browsers just tore it apart. It might have some issues with table backgrounds as some of them are empty (Some browsers won't show a table BG if the table cell itself is empty). Anyway...


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