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  • Mon, 15:22: This one wins. https://t.co/vZLM523nHX
  • Mon, 16:48: I just want to point out that revolvers look goofy from every angle except from the side. Especially true for the S&W .500
  • Mon, 17:18: What I really hate about this .500 S&W is that it's the long barrel kind, and it really throws off the perspective of anything you do.
  • Mon, 17:18: Because if you draw it perfectly correct, it still looks retarded, and makes the person holding it look retarded.
  • Mon, 17:18: These guns don't look intimidating in any way.
  • Mon, 17:46: Just please don't get a pet for Xmas that you abandon later because it's no longer small and cute, or too much trou… https://t.co/fNtZojCgKf
  • Mon, 20:15: RT @wilw: If you're wondering why Democrats who knew Trump was dangerous as recently as three weeks ago are suddenly silent, read this thre…
  • Tue, 00:33: RT @davekellett: Artists you follow on Twitter suddenly very political? Thought I’d make this helpful chart https://t.co/TYM0t5EypR
  • Tue, 00:34: RT @ChrisWarcraft: "THE LIBTARDS ARE TOO SENSITIVE!!" <clutches pearls at Starbucks cups> <faints at booing> <literally dies at "Happy H…
  • Tue, 02:56: Yeah I was thinking about this one. https://t.co/1yXsyR5eWh
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