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Well I did it.

I posted an ad for John Kerry and John Edwards on BT's main page. I wonder how much shit I'll get for it. I know a lot of BT readers aren't in the US, but I still think the cause is important. I listened to John Kerry's speech last night. He has my vote for sure. People say he's wishy washy and he has no actions to back up his words, but his -words- are worth more than Bush's -actions- which have proven detrimental to this country.

I don't mean to insult anyone BUT, I have found that people who support Bush are either Rich (for tax breaks and other benefits), Apathetic (They don't care who wins so they'll stick with the person already in office), Ignorant (They believe the one-sided retoric and don't really make any logical sense when trying to defend their choice) or they're just dead-loyal Republicans.

I'm against the needless bloodshed and monitary spending on personal agenda wars. So I vote for Kerry. I'm for scientific endeavours, such as stem cell research and alternate fuel sources. So I vote for Kerry. I'm against tax breaks for the rich while the middle class suffers. So I vote for Kerry. I'm against giving breaks to companies that outsource employment overseas. So I vote for Kerry. I'm for more affordable health care for the public. So I vote for Kerry. I'm against blind discrimination and religious retoric. So I vote for Kerry.

All Bush has done in the past 4 years is show that we NEED to band together and vote him out of office. Hopefully the MAJORITY vote will actually WIN this time. Remember kids, Bush didn't infact win the popular vote. Yet another testament to the degradation of the US government.

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