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Jakkal's Ramblings

The Equal Opportunity Offender

December 6th, 2016

My tweets @ 08:00 am


  • Mon, 17:03: @Staples is sending me a new seat for my chair that, I guess, wasn't manufactured properly. But, w/e, it's a great chair so far!
  • Mon, 17:13: Avalanche is almost done at the shop. When I pick it up, I'll be dropping off the S10. One of the shop guys wants to buy the S10 from me
  • Mon, 17:15: I better clean the S10 out.
  • Mon, 19:35: Guh, gotta find me some time to make avatars again! https://t.co/RNrF5pv4n4
  • Mon, 20:50: Someone's posted an ad for a 96 BMW Z3 convertible. They want to trade it for a small 4x4 Truck. Seriously thinking about offering the S10
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Date:December 7th, 2016 04:11 am (UTC)
Wait, what what wrong on the Avalanche? Hoping it was just routine stuff.

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Date:December 7th, 2016 04:17 am (UTC)
Just routine stuff. Needed a new evap canister valve (Avalanche/Silverado/etc specific problem) and it needed an O2 sensor.

It's also going to need a fix for the AC/Heater, it's got that (other avalanche problem) where something in the dash is getting stuck so the vents aren't working :|

I've heard that's pretty expensive to fix, but I can live without it for now.

Jakkal's Ramblings

The Equal Opportunity Offender