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Got us a tropical storm off the coast. That's weird, we went down to Surf City, NC this weekend. I commented that the waves seemed much larger than usual. I thought it was because of the high tide coming in (Full moon and all Saturday). We went down there so I could show Bow and Uath the "Red Moon". If any of you have ever watched moonrise on the eastern US coast, you'd know what I'm talking about. It looks like a giant deep red orange. It's very beautiful. But we missed it cuz there were some storms off the coast so we couldn't see the moon til it was higher up.

So I get home and check the weather, tropical depression 1 off the coast. Now it's Tropical Storm Alex and it might turn into a hurricane. Yay.

I'm not worried about this one like I was last year. For one I'm no longer living in a trailer, we're in an apartment. Secondly I'm in Raleigh instead of Buttfuck Egypt Coats NC. That means we're 40 miles inland than we were. The worst hurricane I went through was in a Raleigh apartment, so I feel much much safer here.

In other news, time to work on BT. I'm very excited about Issue 12, especially after what happened in Issue 11 >:D
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