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I have been fighting...

...with my webpage for the past 4 days. You guys know me, I love webdesigning, I really miss my job as a professional designer... damn economy (Thanks Bush).

Anyway, I came up with this just awesome layout in PS for a webpage. And then my mind starts swimming on how I can set this bitch up. I loved the BG, I loved the look of the characters on the side. The site just looked professional, save for one thing. I couldn't get the damn BG's to line up at all. See here was my problem, the characters on the side needed to be transparent, but they couldn't be gifs cuz gifs didn't have the quality needed to keep the characters looking fresh. So, naturally if you know anything about file formats and stuff, you're thinking right now "She needs to use pngs." Yep, that was the solution. Until I tried out the site in IE. Normally I'm used to finding uber cool shit and having it not work in netscape or mozilla. Nope, this time it was IE. Go figure. IE will not display a transparent png file on it's own.

So I just put that thought out of my head, and used jpg's and hoped the BG's lined up, which they didn't. Then I realized that the bottom of the images wouldn't hit the actual bottom of the pages... at least not with the "The Art of Jakkal" image on it. That really pissed me off. So I thought "No big, just put a frame around it." Well that looked really good, but still the images weren't working right with the frame, and shoved the whole thing downward. So after trying a bunch of layers, inline frames, regular frames, and other CSS tricks and tribulations, I came up with something that looked good, as long as you didn't do anything on the site, oh and you had to run 1024x768 resolution with Netscape with the tabbed browsing bar up.... in other words, it would work fine for ME but not anyone else. Yeah great.

So after a few days of trying to work it out, I went back to that first option, transparent pngs. I figured I'd make two versions of my site, one for REAL BROWSERS and one for people who still use IE. Naturally the IE people would either get redirected to my current site, or a rant page explaining to them why they shouldn't use IE. I decided to look up for shits and giggles, some ways of getting around the problem with IE. Well I found some scripts that would display pngs in IE. Great! Unfortunately they wouldn't display in Netscape/Moz if I did that. Bad. So I Found another site using span tags and the alpha layer css info that IE needs to correctly display a transparent png. THANK GOD!

So anyway, after several days of hacking at it, this is the prototypian result: http://www.drakkolupen.com/redesign/default.asp

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