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Art Survey

Maly's drawing-tastic art survey
What is your favorite subject to draw?The Characters from Role Play on Kaerwyn
What is your most common choice in 2-d media?Pencil
Anything you refuse to draw?Secks
Real anatomy or cartoon physics?Real Anatomy
Which is more important - solid inking skills or solid color theory?Color Theory
Photoshop or PSP? Illustrator or Painter?Photoshop Painter
Markers - Prismacolor or Tria?Prismacolor
Paints - oils, acrylics, or watercolors?Acrylics
Have you ever done a stippling project outside of art class?Yes
Ever imitate a popular style of art? (anime, disney, comic book...)No
How would you define your "style?"Sem-realistic. Kinda a cross being realism and cartoon
What is one area of drawing that you need to improve in?Color Saturation and Contrasts
When did you start drawing as a hobby? (we all drew when we were little)I seriously started drawing on a daily basis in Kindergarden
What kind of sketchbook do you have? Brand? Size? How old is it?I don't, I use typing paper. Go me.
How many sketchbooks have you had previous to this?Uh, probably 15 (when I used sketchbooks)
How many sketchbooks do you go through in a year?None anymore
#2 yellow pencil or a clicky pencil?#2 Yellow
What kind of eraser do you use?Kneaded
Who are your artistic influences?Robert Bateman, Stan Lee, Various Whitewolf artists
What books would you reccomend to aspiring artists?Jack Hamm's "How to draw animals" or anything by him
Do you have any favorite online tutorial sites?Not really.
What is the most money you've ever made on one drawing / illustration / painting?$150
What do you hope to accomplish with your art? Do you want to go anywhere with it in life?I'd like to be a graphic designer (Again)
Finally, why do you draw?Because I can.


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