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  • Thu, 16:08: Welp, if I get sick after the GOP gets rid of the ACA, I'm going to be sure to send the bill to @SenatorBurr #SaveACA
  • Thu, 16:09: And, you know, I don't really mind if the GOP wants to replace the ACA, because it's a trainwreck that works with the existing failed system
  • Thu, 16:14: To put things into perspective, I don't drink alcohol or smoke. I've not had any major medical problems. My insurance is $447/mo
  • Thu, 16:39: I'm seriously just at the point that I think people who vote GOP are just clueless morons.
  • Thu, 17:15: First TF victim of the day sketched. Time to do the other two.
  • Thu, 18:04: Sketches of my TF victims are done. Time to move onto inking. Then coloring.
  • Thu, 18:30: Earlier this week, it was snowing and 0F here. Today, windows open, t-shirt weather. 70F.
  • Thu, 18:47: Funny, the religious right seem to be doing exactly what he says would happen if we're without god. https://t.co/7b5FXCfb4g
  • Thu, 19:55: Inking done. (While eating lunch.) About to start coloring. That'll get interrupted for a bit as I need t run to the store.
  • Thu, 20:45: Oh, I just remembered, I need to pay my taxes before the 17th.
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