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  • Wed, 17:59: I have nothing against Shiro's artwork, but I wish people would stop sending it as reference images. His style is wildly different from mine
  • Wed, 19:43: Just caught Kodi sleeping after our walk. https://t.co/Q6b8h9uDug
  • Wed, 21:55: *Sees Patrick Stewart trending. Worried he died. *Sees he's playing the Shit Emoji in the Emoji Movie. Worried he's dead inside.
  • Wed, 23:10: Haha, wow damn. If someone did this to me, I'd... well, let's just say I wouldn't be laughing /with/ you. https://t.co/YZROJtV67h
  • Thu, 03:04: RT @AstroKatie: In Trump's administration, the main qualifications for running something seem to be: * know nothing about it * hate it anyw…
  • Thu, 05:48: RT @Werwolfram: In before all the "Dawn of the Final Day" tweets start arriving.
  • Thu, 05:49: RT @SeriousStrange: Late 1600s London was plagued by an attacker who would spank his victims with a rod and shout, “Spanko!” before running…
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    Fri, 03:59: Criticism is, itself, a skill that needs to be honed and practiced. Most "criticism" that wasn't asked for is just a shitty opinion…

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    Wed, 00:03: The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 18 now updating on Patreon! They will have an update schedule that is two weeks ahead of the public.…

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    Sat, 16:01: RT @ thepunningman: Really looking forward to all the events at the 2020 Olympics https://t.co/yivO3hJ14a

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