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I got my first hate-mail for that Kerry ad on BT. Took a while. But then again, a lot of BT's readers are from other countries, naturally they hate Bush.

So anyway, this guy says he's going to stop reading my comic because I put an ad up. He can't tolerate what Kerry and like minded democrats stand for. Rape and Murder is okay, but democrats, no, NO DEMOCRATS!! Right. I'm glad the foreign readers of my comic aren't this pussy, otherwise they would have stopped reading BT because I'm AN EVIL AMERICAN!

But whatever, his opinion. He keeps making references to 'coming back' after the election is over, and it's not against me, it's against Kerry. Frankly, I couldn't give two shits if he never read BT again. What he's doing is called purpetuation of ignorance. He doesn't want to hear about what Kerry supporters have to say, so he's going to remove them from his Favorites list. Oh god no, not a hit lost! Haven't these people learned by now that I don't draw BT for them? I don't watch to see how many hits BT gets. I draw it for ME, it's just nice that other people enjoy it as well. So I proudly told him to not bother reading BT ever again if he's so intolerant.

Narcissus in Crossroads just reminded me of this link, I saw it a few months ago. Totally hilarious. And so very true. Go there, now, Martok commands it!

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