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  • Thu, 16:08: And the people defending Trump & Co would have thrown a major fit about Obama's guys doing it. https://t.co/FUxlN7FGLz
  • Thu, 16:46: But her emails... https://t.co/Hg8hgKZyVA
  • Thu, 19:14: RT @awzurcher: This, of course, is demonstrably false. Clinton didn't have Cabinet in place until March 11. George HW was March 17. Obama n…
  • Thu, 20:31: RT @MichaelStahlke: February 8,2017—a date which will live in infamy—America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the retail forces of…
  • Thu, 22:51: Netflix burn https://t.co/PHMduY8vbf
  • Thu, 23:02: Woo, big seven image TF sequence this week. Sketched and inked all of them at once. Finally getting to the color.
  • Thu, 23:26: Now we get to see Trump blame "activist judges/courts" & try to get the ignorant to rile up against the checks & balances we have in place.
  • Thu, 23:42: RT @rudepundit: Right now, Pence is restraining Trump while Conway tries to rip Trump's Android phone out of his hands.
  • Thu, 23:53: RT @DavidGMcAfee: "SEE YOU IN COURT!" @realDonaldTrump yells to... the second highest court in the land.
  • Fri, 00:39: RT @jenniferemorrow: Americans cheering a 9th Circuit ruling like it's the Super Bowl and taunting the POTUS is about the most g-d patrioti…
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