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For those of you who insist on voting for Bush

Read this and tell me he's not a lying manipulative bastard:


Yes, I know it says he doesn't know anything about it. Right. He's lied to us 3 times in the past, a fourth ain't gunna hurt him anymoreso. Even if he didn't, I'm sure he mentally endorses it anyway. Either way, the sheeple of the country will probably fall for it.

In other news, it's come to my attention that a lot of people are ignorant about the way the electoral college works. I discussed this a little on Crossroads the other night, but I thought I'd post it here. The US has one of the worst voting systems available. I think something like Australia's would be better, that's a system IIRC, where you have second choices. Such as, if I decided to vote for Nader, and he obviously won't win, then my vote would go to Kerry, because people who vote for Nader probably wouldn't want Bush (and likely Kerry) in office, but Kerry would be the 'lesser' evil. I can say I'd rather have Bush in office over Nader, but there's no hope for him anyway.

Anyway, here's some links to the way it works: http://www.wordiq.com/definition/United_States_Electoral_College#Indirect_election

It's a very outdated system, they really should change it. Even if Kerry wins, it's still a horrible horrible system.

(Edit: Just added another link for the EC workings. ABC's is a little easier to read)

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