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  • Thu, 14:43: It's 59F in our apartment right now. That's great for sleeping, not so much for working. The maint guys are about to install a new heater
  • Thu, 15:08: RT @5thCircAppeals: The story about your connections to Russia & Russia hacking the election came out before anyone won or lost the electio…
  • Thu, 21:26: The Apt workers are still here. They've been here since 10am. Really glad I didn't take commissions this week.
  • Thu, 23:35: Well, there was a Sentret and a Murkrow at my apartment, but because PoGo's servers are acting up, I couldn't get either of them.
  • Thu, 23:36: RT @TheSilphRoad: Receiving reports that this Eeveelution name trick has been working, travelers! https://t.co/pwGUIMh4g5
  • Fri, 01:17: "The Realm of Kaerwyn Issue 10 Page 116" by @JakkalWolf https://t.co/y71LlYV1Mw
  • Fri, 03:02: Good bumper sticker wisdom: Elect a Clown, Get a Circus.
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    Sun, 00:03: 🐺The Realm of Kaerwyn has updated!🐺 Issue 18 Page 33 ⚔️Latest Page: https://t.co/kDVks6ApZU ⚔️First Page: https://t.co/fLzBc8YsCE…

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    Fri, 20:36: I'd like to give Niantic a huge piece of my mind for forcing more PVP focused crap on us in Pokemon Go. Fri, 21:01: RT @…

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