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  • Fri, 19:30: Hoping the GOP does the right thing is like hoping you win the lottery without buying a ticket.
  • Fri, 22:07: Maybe the GOP will figure out that we want the problems with Obamacare fixed. We don't want their fucked up version of it.
  • Sat, 00:24: He says I don't understand how it works, lol. https://t.co/FgpZwRqg6a
  • Sat, 01:45: Another day, another damn spill.� https://t.co/MIaOpuC2Cz
  • Sat, 05:29: I see from the Right that "Canada's healthcare sucks". And I ask my Canadian buddies, and they're dumbfounded by how stupid we seem to be
  • Sat, 05:31: RT @BuckyIsotope: REPUBLICANS: *control House* REPUBLICANS: *control Senate* REPUBLICANS: *control Presidency* REPUBLICANS: This is all the…
  • Sat, 05:41: RT @kylegriffin1: Calls to House members in support of AHCA: 1,130 Calls to House members in opposition to AHCA: 59,337 https://t.co/lSprm
  • Sat, 05:52: Anyway, blah blah blah. I get to keep my healthcare. Yay. At least for a little longer.
  • Sat, 05:53: My healthcare options under GOP(Don't)Care is: get sick and die.
  • Sat, 06:02: RT @skullmandible: the republican argument always boils down to "you're saying I should be OBLIGATED to help another person?" and my answer…
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